Q. What is jobsVenue?

Ans: jobsVenue is an online service platform that allows people to hire dedicated service providers to complete their daily errands, as well as, it is a platform for people who are looking for jobs best suited with their skill.

Q. Who Uses jobsVenue Services?

Ans: jobsVenue service is suitable for people who have no time to complete their daily errands because of busy schedule, and want someone to perform the service for them. In our platform, you will find service providers for a variety of services including household services, official services, handyman services and a lot more. See our website to know what kind of services we provide.

jobsVenue service is also suitable for people, looking for a suitable job for them. We have more than 50 job types available in our website and you can register to do any of the jobs that suit your competence, requirement and needs.

Q. How Can I Hire a Service Provider from jobsVenue?

Ans: Hiring a service provicer from jobsVenue is very easy. You can post a job in our website with the details of the service you need to be done. To post a service, go the “Post a Service” menu, register to become a user and fill up the job post form. It takes just few minutes to complete the procedure. When you are done posting your job, we will list the suitable service providers on your account, and you can choose any service provider that you feel right for the job.

To know more about how our whole procedure works, you can read the “How it Works” section in our website.

Q. How Do I Pay My Service Provider?

Ans: You will pay to your service provider through us. You are not allowed to pay the service provider without any permission of jobsVenue.  You will pay us only when our tasker delivers a service successfully. When a service has been delivered, you and our service provider will notify us about the completion of the service, and we will deduct the money from your jobsVenue account. The payment amount is decided based on the service, number of hours required and materials used.

Q. Can I Take Contact Information From The Service Providers?

Ans: No. According to our terms of service, you cannot ask for any personal contact information from the serevice providers. You will have to contact with the service provider through the communication medium of jobsVenue. If you still break our term then your membership with jobsVenue may get terminated.

Q. What If the Service is Not Delivered?  

Ans: If your work is not delivered, no money will be deducted from your account. You are only charged when a work is delivered successfully and satisfactorily.

Q. How I Can Become a Service Provider In jobsVenue?

Ans: Anyone can apply to become a service provider in jobsVenue, but you have to be at least 18 years old to become a member in our platform. To become a service provider in jobsVenue, you have to be a registered member in our website. To register as a servcice provider, go to the “Register as a Service Provider” menu and fill up the form accordingly.

You can read the “How it Works” section to know more about becoming a service provider.

Q. How Do I Get Paid as a Service Provider?

Ans: You will get paid only when you deliver a service successfully, and the customer accepts the service from his/her end.  The payment will be sent directly to your bank account or in your preferred method.